Taraneh Sal - Hayedeh Norouz Cover - هایده - نوروز - ترانه‌ی سال

RC Walker--Enjoy Your Company (Cameo Appearance in Official Video)

Jameshid's Bells (Jingle Bells Persian Parody)

Tange Ghoroobeh - Dariush Cover

Gole Sangam - Sam Taheri - Hayedeh and Sattar Cover

Rosvay-e Zamaneh - Middle East Music Ensemble - University of Chicago

Middle East Music Ensemble - Dakhlak Ya Tair il-Wirwar

Eid - Mehmooni Bahar - Hayedeh Norouz Cover

Gisoo - Middle East Music Ensemble - University of Chicago

Ağladıkça - Middle East Music Ensemble - University of Chicago

Virtual World Music Festival Chicago – Chicago Immigrant Orchestra

Sam Taheri - Raftam Ke Raftam (Az Barat Daman Keshan) - Marzieh Cover

Morghe Sahar - A Tribute to Mohammad Reza Shajarian

Lyrical Prelude | Phillip Keveren | Piano Fadya Hamdan | Feat. Sophia Uddin

Interview on Make Weird Music with frequent collaborator Travis Orbin

Pavlov3 Plays in 2018

Arrival in a Distant Land / Singularity @ Subterranean, Chicago, IL, 3/26/18

Garmonbozia Trio Live @ Handsome Squid, 9/30/2017

Folklear Nuclei @ Cafe Mustache 6/9/17

Folklear Nuclei @ Hyde Park Salon, 3/18/17

Frame By Frame (King Crimson Cover) @ Reggies' Music Joint, 12/16/16

Folklear Nuclei @ Music for Mammograms, Lubeck Studios, 10/2/16

The Gabriel Construct - Curing Somatization (Intro) / Arrival in a Distant Land (Live @ Harding House, Chicago, 5/20/16)

Folklear Nuclei @ BSD Band Night, Reggies Music Joint, 5/16/16

The Gabriel Construct - Arrival in a Distant Land (Live @ Elbo Room, Chicago, IL, 3/24/16)

Mandelbrot Quartet January 2016

The Gabriel Construct @ Martyrs' Live, 10/5/15

Oudak Rannan (Mary Hazboun) - Middle East Music Ensemble at the University of Chicago

Cheer-Accident - "Sun Dies" [Live @ Martyrs' June 19th, 2015]

Gabriel Riccio & Sophia Uddin - Between Entwines (October 29, 2011)

Mandelbrot Quartet Plays Gabriel Riccio's 'Hedonistic Ritual - Spectres, Remnants [Fragment Until Gong] - Interruptions' (2011)

Mandelbrot String Quartet plays Riley's "Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector" (2011)

Mandelbrot Quartet Perform's Gabriel Riccio's 'Untitled: I. Interruptions' (2010)

Mandelbrot Quartet Performs Janacek's String Quartet No. 1 (2010)

Mandelbrot Quartet Performs Bartók's 'String Quartet No. 2' (2011)