Gabriel Riccio, Sophia Uddin, Matt Tate - 'Garmonbozia(3)' (4/12/24 - recorded 9/27/17)

Viper 7-string Electric Violin


Gabriel Riccio & Sophia Uddin - 'Garmonbozia @ Drone Night, 10/29/23' (3/29/24)



Forecast Tomorrow - 'Concussion' (3/22/24)

Violin on CONCUSSION II & IV drawn from 11/17/14 recordings


Gabriel Riccio & Sophia Uddin - 'Garmonbozia'
(3/22/24 - recorded 10/8/14)

Violin, Vocals


CHEER-ACCIDENT - 'Vacate' (2/23/24)

Violin on ‘Closer’, ‘Beached’, 'Gilbert’; Viola on 'Postmarked'

Travis Orbin - 'Silly String III' (12/1/23)

7-string Electric Violin on 'The End of Everything', 'Sine Qua Non of Inscrutability', 'My Umbra'

Sacha Mullin - 'Casino Wilderness Period' (11/3/23)

Violin (through a leslie) on 'Waves'


CHEER-ACCIDENT - 'Q-Pop' (11/3/23)

Violin, lyrics, riff on 'Polish Vasectomy'

Travis Orbin - 'Delectable Machinery II' (8/11/23)

7-string Electric Violin on 'The Neon Suite: Kairos'


Travis Orbin - '(This Is a Self​-​Titled Record)' (6/2/23)

7-string Electric Violin on 'My Lethean Glue', 'Animadversion', 'Infatuated Flâneur', 'Caesura'


Travis Orbin - 'Dotty Ditties, Volume 3​(​*​) *A Collection' (5/20/22)

7-string Electric Violin on 'Sonambulists Agree...'

Travis Orbin - 'Fall and Response' EP (6/4/21)

Violin on 'Catch a Ride' and 'Flophouse'


Sacha Mullin - 'Opened' (The Breeders Cover) (10/14/20)

Violin, viola, additional life saving


Travis Orbin - 'Finite III' (7/3/20)

7-string Electric Violin


Travis Orbin - 'Finite: Complete' (6/5/20)

Violin, Viola

Violin on 'Desensitization' and 'Redux'

Schopenhauer's Porcupines - 'Todd' (5/18/20)    
Viper 7-string electric violin, Background vocals, Cover art

Christmas EPSophia Uddin - 'The Shadowy Christmas Presence' (12/15/19)    
All Instruments

Baroche - 'Sides' EP (7/22/18)

7-string electric violin on 'Sides'

Sacha Mullin - 'Duplex' (7/15/17)

Violin and viola on 'Dream Ain't Dead', 'White Hot Room', 'Accept Treasure'

stopt clox - 'stopt clox ii' (6/15/17)

Violin and viola on 'Sarsaparilla'


Thymme Jones - 'Never Again (With Feeling!)' (6/15/17)

Viola on 'Final Meditation (Again)'


Travis Orbin - 'Finite' EP (12/22/16)

Violin and viola on all 6 songs

Sacha Mullin - 'Night of Silence' EP (12/16/15)

Cover photo

Logical Phalluses - 'Pyrorapture / Fred & Ethel' (9/12/15)

Violin, Viola, Composition (F&E, AVIYS), Cover Art

The Gabriel Construct - 'Interior City' (4/5/13)

Violin on 'Ranting Prophet', 'Fear of Humanity', 'Retreat Underground', 'Subway Dwellers', 'Defense Highway', 'Inner Sanctum', 'Curing Somatization'

Ocuplanes - 'Venus' (Unreleased)

Violin on 'Her Majesty's Terror', 'Tectonic Drift', 'Derelict Casino', 'Wail of the Banshee'

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