Sophia Uddin - Music

I am a violinist, composer, and more recently a violist and backing vocalist. I currently live in Chicago, where I performed often with The Gabriel ConstructPavlov3Folklear Nuclei, and the Middle East Music Ensemble before COVID-induced shutdowns. I majored in music at Swarthmore College, where I studied composition with Gerald Levinson and played with the Mandelbrot String Quartet coached by David Yang. I studied violin with Barbara Govatos of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

I play a 7 string electric Wood Viper in addition to acoustic violin and viola.

I am available for session work (studio or live) or violin/viola lessons. In general, I charge $75/hour for these services.

Please contact for more information.


Performance with the Chicago Immigrant Orchestra at the Virtual World Music Festival Chicago

Interview on Make Weird Music with frequent collaborator Travis Orbin